How do you use a Ceiling Fan?


Ceiling fans are the biggest saviors in this scorching summer and a big alternative to AC’s to reduce energy consumption and mitigate electricity bills. The size and blades of a ceiling fan play a major role that helps to decide its optimum performance. The size of the room also plays a key role in selecting fans that will help in air movement and cooling effect.

Above all, it is important to use a ceiling fan properly, install it correctly and maintain well to decrease the energy usage and enjoy cool air flow.

Tricks and Tactics to use a Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan is affordable by most household and hence it is important for all to know the proper hacks and tactics to use it. Here are a few tips that will help you enjoy the proper function of a ceiling fan or you can visit this site to read more.

Adjust the Direction

Ceiling fans are used to allow the proper movement of air so that it offers good ventilation. It thus helps in giving a cool feeling but does not lower the room temperature.

  1. Adjust the direction of the ceiling while installation of fan such that the air blows in proper directions and makes way for good ventilation.
  2. The direction of fans will also depend on the alignment of the blades. The angle between the blades must be checked prior purchase to get the best performance.

Regulate the Speed

The ceiling fan is not just useful during hot and sweaty summers but it also helps to give a soothing cool effect during winters.

  1. The regulator of the fan must be checked such that it works properly to vary the speed to adjust to the ambient temperature.
  2. During summers, you can keep the fans at full speed while during winters, and maintain the minimum or average speed to allow ventilation.

Switch off the Fan when not in use

This is an important point in terms of saving energy and allowing good air ventilation. Use your fan to the optimum when you are present in the room but make sure to turn it off when you leave the room.

This will help to manage the energy consumption and lead you to big savings.

Keep the fan blades clean

Ceiling fans of modern times are available in different designs and sizes. The fans are quite a piece of attraction for the ceilings. No wonder, it plays an indispensable role in shunning the heated summers from your house but it also helps to add value and comfort to your house with its eye-catchy designs.

  1. Clean the fan blades on bi-weekly basis to keep them tidy and neat. This will help to retain the shiny appearance and add proper look to your ceilings.
  2. Cleaning of blades is also required to avoid accumulation of dirt which can otherwise fall on the ground while the fan is operating.

Maintain the motor and keep a check on the fitting

Ceiling fans’ accidents are not much common but it is yet safer to keep a check on the fittings.

  1. If you get vibrations and or noise while the fan is in use, it indicates a bad condition of motor. Motors should be lubricated regularly if they do not have sealed bearings.
  2. Blades of the ceiling fans must never be interchanges as the angle of tilt and space between the blades plays a major role in air circulation in the room.
  3. The ball bearings should be changed if there is a noise which otherwise affects the efficiency of the fan.


Ceiling fans are need of the hour in this dry, hot humid summer and should be used properly to reap its maximum benefits and save energy big time!

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