Exclusive Tips for Renovating Your Bathroom


Your bathroom is one of the most important parts of your home – why not offer it a rejuvenating cure? If you are looking for renewal, take a moment to consider these renovation ideas that will enliven your room without emptying your wallet.

Simple and efficient

If your budget is a determining factor in choosing your renovations, consider these simple ideas, which will inspire you to make inexpensive changes. Many are so easy to realize that you will only need a screwdriver and a hammer.

  • Light guide plate and ventilation grille for the floor. You will be surprised at how much the actualization of these items will enhance the quality of your room if you opt for new and stylish materials.
  • Mirror. Mirrors can be real works of art. Choose yours by keeping in mind that it is easier to clean the toothbrushes on a flat mirror frame than on a winding frame.
  • Bath mats and towels. Practical and necessary, your bath mats and towels can bring a luxurious touch to your room. Get rid of your old bathmat and dare the madness by providing you with a new plush that will fit perfectly with your new fluffy towels!
  • Accessories. Take a look at your soap and toothbrush holders, your shower curtains and your trash can. Are they damaged? Assorted? On the way to the store! Treat yourself to new accessories that will give your bathroom remodel a unique look.
  • Hardware store. You may not plan to replace your cabinets, but consider changing your door handles and cabinets to give style to your room. Oh! And while you’re at it, consider replacing your towel racks and toilet paper!
  • Lighting. Lighting can significantly alter the atmosphere of a room, especially in the case of a dark bathroom. Rethink the position of the lights you use to shave or make up and consider eye-levelling rather than over the mirror to avoid shadows on the face. You can also optimize the ambient brightness by opting for recessed luminaires or adding a beautiful decorative lustre.
  • Shelves. For more storage, install shelves rather than cabinets. This will not only reduce the cost of your renovations but also give style to your room with photos or other decorative objects of your choice.
  • Furniture. Who said you should limit yourself to having only one toilet and one wash basin in your bathroom? Opt for a spa atmosphere by adding, for example, a small table with flowers, a towel rack or a comfortable chair.
  • New painting. We know you’ve already thought about it, but make sure you choose the finish for your bathroom paint. Previously, most experts recommended a satin or semi-gloss finish to protect the walls from the mold. However, if your walls are badly damaged by nicks left by the old wallpaper, for example, the bright finishes will only accentuate these defects. Nowadays, some manufacturers offer a range of paint specially designed to counter mold. It is also offered in a matte finish, which is perfect to hide imperfections. Talk to your paint dealer to find the finish that will best suit your situation.
  • Wall decorations and ornaments for windows. Bring a finishing touch to your room by hanging a large clock, for example, and never be late for work! Add a touch of intimacy and style with shades of bamboo, wooden shutters or faux stained glass.

Some additional ideas

If you are considering larger renovations, here are some tips for bathroom remodeling:

  • Some things are better as they are. If you want to change the layout of your floor, make sure you know what’s behind the walls and on the floor before you start renovations. Remember that it is less expensive to keep the plumbing where it is and that it is rarely advantageous to break down the walls and remove the tiles from the floor when they rest on a concrete base as in building houses more ancient!
  • Cabinets. To save money, consider rejuvenating your cabinets rather than buying new ones. If not, look for prefabricated products instead of tailor made constructions. If your bathroom is small, you can optimize your space by embedding a storage cabinet in the wall between the uprights.
  • Vanities. Your sink and your bathroom countertops should not swallow up your entire budget. It is now possible to benefit from the natural look of the stone at a fraction of the price of real stone by choosing a laminate surface finish for the finish of your Sink under counter.

The solid surface coating is another inexpensive option to give your countertop a uniform appearance, with the ability to incorporate a sink and a backsplash. Find out more about Vanity Countertops.

Plan when to give free rein to your follies and when to save

Before starting your Bathroom Remodeling, target your priorities. You can easily spend more than $ 1,000 for a luxurious hot tub or a heated floor. Plan to spend more on your favorite things and save somewhere else by using the ideas mentioned above.

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