Cost Effective Heating Options for the Homeowner


The Australian climate has it all really, the warm spring, closely followed by a searing summer, which gradually turns to a chilly few months, and when the mercury needle does drop, you need to heat your home. Most people have a HVAC system, which has to work hard during the summer, and also provides the necessary warmth in the winter, yet there are alternatives, with modern gas fireplaces that are extremely energy efficient.

Why Gas?

One can, of course, opt for a wood burning fire, yet for the urban home, gas is a cleaner alternative, and with the super-efficient gas fires of today, heating open areas is no longer a problem. If you had no other heating source, a single gas fire could effectively heat a large portion of the living space, and with energy efficient designs, it won’t cost a fortune. Gas offers a clean and economical way to heat your home, which is why it is so popular among homeowners around the world. If you install a gas fireplace, the entire home will have a warm and inviting ambience, and the extensive range of designs will allow you to be creative and select something that complements the room perfectly.

High Output

Modern gas fireplaces are designed to be very energy efficient, and using a 5-sided heat exchange system, they can generate a high volume of heat. A single unit could heat an area of up to 250 square metres, and the amount of gas needed to achieve this would be minimal when compared to a traditional gas fire.

Online Suppliers

The Internet has brought us many benefits, allowing us to search for information on anything from the behaviour of a rare animal species to the meaning of life, and if you wanted to browse through the latest fireplace designs, a Google search is the ideal place to start. If you live in Australia, there are established suppliers of award-winning gas fires, and all at affordable prices.

Creating the Right Ambience

The home is the one place where we have total control over the ambience, and with a stylish fireplace, you can transform any room, even the terrace can benefit from a gas fire, ideal for those chilly winter evenings. If your home follows the contemporary concept, there are many unique designs that would fit right in, and with easy installation and a full product warranty, it makes for a wise improvement. Stylish glazed doors provide the safety, and with a choice of logs, stones, or pebbles, you can create the ideal look. There is nothing that can top the flickering flames during the cold evenings, and with a remotely controlled thermostat, you set the fire to start early and the home is warm when you wake up.

As we spend more time in our home, we try to make improvements, and a gas fire is an ideal way to warm up those cold days, and as far as style goes, the new addition will become the focal point of your home.


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