Common Refrigerator Problems You Should Know About


The refrigerator is the most common appliance found in households across the globe. When you move to a new house, the first thing that you should buy is a refrigerator. Refrigerators are used for keeping food and drinks cold. Most refrigerators are also fitted with a freezer compartment that you can use for keeping meat and other frozen items. The refrigerator is designed to operate around the clock. In case the refrigerator stops working, it won’t be long before your food starts to spoil. Refrigerators are prone to a number of common problems.

The Refrigerator Cycles Too Often

Once the internal compartment reaches the required temperature, the refrigerator quiets down and stops working. As soon as the temperature increases, the thermostat comes to life and restarts the refrigerator. However, the refrigerator shouldn’t cycle too often. Not only do refrigerators make more noise when cycling, but they can also impact your wallet. It is one of the most power-sensitive appliances in the household. If it runs more than it should, your electricity bills will soon hit the roof. Companies that offer Sidcup refrigerators and freezers servicing and repairs will carry out a thorough diagnosis and then start repair work.

Leaking Water

This is probably one of the most common issues in refrigerators. Anybody who has a refrigerator has probably encountered this issue at one point or another. If you notice water puddles around the refrigerator, it’s probably a blocked defrost drain. You can use a thin tube to remove the blockage in the defrost drain. However, if unblocking the drain doesn’t resolve the problem, it’s best to contact a professional.

Ice Buildup in the Freezer

This is generally caused if you leave the freezer door open for too long. This leads to humidity buildup, which causes frost and ice in the freezer.

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