Cellar Conversions Increase Property Values


Architects or builders often limit the number of above-ground stories. However, including a basement permits the use of additional living space whilst conforming to a plan’s requirements. Alternatively, the extra space provided by a basement or cellar can free up the space above ground. That is why a cellar conversion is an ideal way to add extra space without including an addition.

Making a Home Cosier and More Comfortable

One research study found that houses with cellars are approximately 10% more thermally efficient than homes that do not have cellars. Therefore, by utilising below-ground space, you also cut down on your use of energy. As a result, any cellar refurbishment makes a home more cosy and comfortable. Also, the benefits of thermal mass are optimised when a basement is both insulated and waterproofed externally.

Warmer and Less Draughty

That is why Devizes builders are often involved in upgrades that involve the renovation of a cellar. This type of upgrade not only maximises the space that is used but it also enhances the overall living environment and comfort levels inside a home. Cellars that are converted are warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. You don’t have the same issue with draughts as you do in the other areas of the home.

Why a Cellar Conversion Is Better than Relocation

With the stamp duty running at about £20,000 on a property that is worth about £500,000, a cellar conversion just makes sound financial sense over moving home, particularly when you take into account the estate agent’s fees, solicitor’s fees, and other moving costs.

So, if you are trying to save money and make the most of where you live, you need to contact a builder, especially if you have a cellar that can be used as part of your living area. By deciding on a conversion, you can increase your home’s value and reduce your energy costs at the same time.


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