Brilliant ideas to store Christmas decorative strands lights without tangling them


We all love Christmas and its decorations, but, once the jingles bells are over, removing and packing these decorations comes up as a dreary task. Especially when you have to pack the strands lights, which are prone to tangle and create a mess.

As these strands lights are expensive, you cannot just think of buying new every year. Hence, safely packing them and ensuring they do not tangle become important than anything.

 Moreover, detangling messed up strands-light the next season is even more cumbersome job, if you are troubled with how to pack your Christmas lights safely, here are some de-tangling ways to pack and store those trick Christmas decoration lights:

Cardboard packing and storage:

This is one of the best ways to safely store the Christmas lights. All you need is a hard-board piece, cut into a rectangle. You can take a big piece of a packaging box for the purpose. Now start wrapping the lights around the card-board piece, from corner to the other.

Once you are done, safely secure both the ends with masking tapes. Now, take tissue paper or a light cloth piece to cover the wrapped lights and keep them dirt free till the next holiday season.

Pringles can storage:

We all have Pringles cans at home and you will be surprised to know that they come handy while packing strands lights. First of all, clean the inside of the can with a cloth and ensure nothing is left as the left overs are likely to attracts pests to the box.

Now using a scissor, cut a slit on the vertical base of the box, the slit should measure 1 inch. Use this slit to secure one end of the lights while you coil the rest of the lights along the body in a circular motion.

End up the wrapping with the other end resting at the same slit and secure it as well. Wrap a tissue or cloth around the can and secure the wrapping.

Hanger storage:

Hanger storage for Christmas lights is a brilliant idea. Take a plastic hanger, preferably one with hooks on either ends, if not, a usual hanger would also work.

Now secure one end of the lights to one side of the hanger and start wrapping the lights along the hanger’s body in a circular motion. Cover the entire hanger and secure the other end of the string light on the opposite side.

After you have wrapped the hanger with a cloth of tissue paper, hang it in your closet or preferred storage area.

These are some of the brilliant ways to store Christmas lights. There are several decorative items that we use to make our Christmas more vibrant and colorful.

All these items need a safe space to rest when a season is over and we wait for another to come. Storage units Florence have ample of options to allow home owners safely store their Christmas decoration items.

These storage are cost-effective and secure to place expensive decorations and rest assured that they will be good as new when you retrieve them the next season.

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