Brighten Your Space with a Home or Office Makeover


If you have grown tired of your living space or want to boost the morale of your employees, you might need a home or office makeover. A simple change in paint colour or decorating scheme could make a big difference to the appearance of the space.

Oxfordshire painters and decorators specialise in rejuvenating the interior of homes and offices, as well as the exterior. In addition to painting and other home improvements, some companies also supply furniture and fittings to create a totally new look that meets the needs of the client.


Perhaps your home is showing signs of wear, or maybe you are just in the mood for something new. A fresh coat of paint can affect mood by brightening a space or creating a calm, tranquil effect. From an accent wall to an entire house, a different colour scheme can make your old space look new.

In addition to paint colour, your decorator can help you design a space that looks modern and crisp or cosy and comfortable. A couple pieces of new furniture or refitting a room can result in a much-needed change of scenery.


Commercial clients can benefit from a home makeover in several ways, including the following:

  • Motivate employees
  • Increase productivity
  • Please customers
  • Branding

A drab and dull office space can impact the mood and performance of a business’s employees or turn away customers. A bright paint job and appealing design can actually increase productivity of your workers and attract customers with an inviting space.

Decorators can also incorporate a business’s colour scheme into the design and incorporate fittings and fixtures to create a look that becomes the image of the company. Refresh your space to give your business a boost.

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