Blackening – The Perfect Protection for Metal Surfaces


The age old problem for man has always been to protect metal objects against oxidisation, and while there are coatings and paints that offer a level of protection, nothing comes close to the chemical process of metal blackening. It began when weapons manufacturers were looking to stop corrosion on their guns, and someone realised that by causing the metal surface to oxidise by dipping it in a special solution, the corrosion problem was solved.

Series of Refinements

While the initial treatment designed for gun parts worked well, the chemical process underwent a series of refinements, and today, there are leading suppliers of specific blackening solutions that can be used in a range of industries. It is now possible for cold blacking steel, and with room temperature dips, the process can be carried out in almost any room. One can buy metal blackening kits online that contain everything you need, and with easy to follow instructions, anyone can blacken items and have complete protection against the elements.

Corrosion Protection

This metal blackening process oxidises the surface, and it can absorb wax and oil, which strengthens the corrosion protection, and the black colour will not fade over time. Modern processes include room temperature dips, and this can be carried out by anyone, providing they have all the necessary items, and of course, the special solution, which can be purchased online from an established supplier.

Precision Made Parts

The great thing about metal blackening is that the process does not add anything significant to the item’s dimensions, and this is essential with precision made components. Engine components are ideal for this process, and the solution permeates into every corner, including threads and tiny crevices, giving total protection against the elements.

Antique Treatments

The metal blackening process has been developed to be used on antique furniture, including brass, copper and pewter, and depending on how you carry out the process, a range of appealing effects can be achieved, which not only adds character to the item, it also protects it from corrosion. Whatever the reason, metal blackening offers the best protection, and with online suppliers of ready to use blackening kits, the process can easily be carried out by anyone.

Range of Metals

Blackening can be used with a range of metals, which include:

  • Iron
  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Zinc
  • Brass

In former times, high temperatures were required, and the only people who could carry out the process were specialised factories, yet modern solutions allow for kits to be used, and with everything you need and easy to follow instructions, the blackening process can be applied in any environment.

British weapons manufacturers relied heavily on specialist companies who pioneered the metal blackening process, and such was the success, industry took up blackening and revolutionised manufacturing forever. If you would like to know more about this process, a Google search would help you locate a suitable website.


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