Add Years to the Life of Your Roof


Your roof is only 15-years-old, still too young to need replacement. A thorough roof cleaning made by the right professionals will give your roof a fresh look and add years to its life. Each year, people choose to replace their roof when all it really needs is a full cleaning. The most reputable roof cleaning companies in Perth will not only offer a full cleaning service but also a free quote for repairs and replacement.

Replacing your roof can be expensive, but the best companies in Perth will help you decide if that is an option you actually need to consider, or if it is an alternative. When it comes to the roof on your home, you should never settle for anything less than the best. With that in mind, you should request a free quote and find out exactly what is the best decision for your roof.

Unless your shingles are more than 25-years-old, there are missing shingles, or there are no granules left on your shingles, you likely do not need to replace your roof. If instead, you simply have streaks of discolouration or moss growing on it, you likely just need a cleaning.

Give Your Home a Refreshed Look

A thorough cleaning made by professionals will remove any and all discolouration caused by a substance sometimes called “magma.” In addition, they will locate and remove any moss at the root. Once the cleaning is finished, your home will look as beautiful as it did when you bought it. In fact, you might even discover the home you bought actually had a much lighter roof than you thought. A clean, fresh-looking roof will not only make you feel better about your home but also raise the curb appeal and market value.

If you have a metal roof, the most reputable companies Perth will offer an iron roofing coating service, too. No style, type, or shape of roof is too difficult for a well-done roof cleaning in Perth. Since these companies use high-quality cleaners, their work is guaranteed to last for up to a year after the service is given. Most roof cleanings last much longer, and the best companies use products made specifically to meet the high Australian Accreditation Standards.

Prevent Costly Repairs

A well-done roof cleaning can help prevent future repairs to your roof. Moss is highly destructive to roof shingles, and it can catch root at almost any time of the year. Dirt and debris also collect with time, especially during windy or harsh weather days. To extend the life of your shingles, it is in your best interest to have your roof cleaned regularly.

A roof cleaning is also far cheaper than replacing your roof altogether. Unless you have the obvious signs, you likely do not need to replace it in the first place. To be sure, make it a point to have a Perth roofing company inspect your roof and offer their quote and advice on what option is best for you. These dedicated professionals want to help you save money, and a clean roof can save you thousands. If your home is nearing its 20th year and not looking its best, it is time to call in the cleaners to add precious years for saving. Do not wait to get your quote.

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