5 Ways a Concierge Service Might Benefit You


As our needs change, more and more people are becoming wise to the benefits other people can have in organising our time. Specifically, those people and companies we directly employ on our behalf to manage our affairs.

This service is known as a concierge, designed to help you manage those tasks, big and small, that you struggle to fit into an average day. No longer the preserve of the fabulously wealthy, we’ll show you how a concierge could benefit you.

  • The Possibilities Are Endless

A concierge will be able to take care of every task that you yourself would usually do. Examples of available services include;

  • Ordering flowers
  • Grocery shopping
  • Gift purchasing
  • Booking holidays
  • Booking car hire
  • Ordering theatres tickets
  • Meet the Experts

These tasks, whilst straightforward, are often time consuming. The real benefit of a concierge is that they are experts in their field. They will often be able to find you the best deal on any given service.

This is because their purchasing power will be much greater than the average person where discounts will be available due to bulk and repeat business. Those flowers you usually buy at full retail may be available to a concierge provider for up to 50% of the cost, savings which will be passed onto you.

Bear this is mind when considering the costs of your own personal concierge.

  • More Time Spent Doing the Things You Love

In today’s world we are busier than we ever have been and time is at a premium. Because of this, a lot of important tasks and errands have to be relegated to the weekend which has the knock on effect of making our weekends an extension of our work life.

You’ll never hear many people saying that they would like to work more which makes a concierge all the more relevant. You’ll be left to enjoy your free time instead of writing lists containing all of the things that you have forgotten to do.

  • They Can Be as Expensive or as Cheap as You Want

You essentially pay as you go. If you would rather do something yourself to add the personal touch then that is ok. This leaves your concierge concentrating on the tasks that are time critical to you.

The ability to mix and match as per your needs has a direct effect on the price you end up paying. Gold plated bath taps and cufflinks are available for all those with the budget.

  • Peace of Mind

No longer will you be woken at 3am with the thought of knowing that you’ve forgotten your spouse’s anniversary gift. Your concierge will act as your reminder, only that important task will have been taken care of leaving you to just show up on time and at the right place.

Luckily for you, if you’re in the North-East region of the country, there are plenty of bespoke concierge services to choose from. Pure Concierge is one such service who operate in Newcastle and the surrounding areas. Make a list of all the things you need taking care of and see what a concierge provider can do for you.

Your work life balance will thank you for it.

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