5 Domestic Essential Service Numbers to Store in your Smartphone


The modern homeowner is fortunate enough to have an army of essential services at their disposal, and with the complex systems that deliver the utilities, many things can, and sometimes do, go wrong. It is always a good idea to be well-prepared, and home management is so much easier if you have local experts to help, and with that in mind, here are 5 essential numbers you need to have handy at all times.

  1. Drain Unblocking Services – You never know when blockages will occur in your drainage system, and modern solutions are very effective, with fully equipped mobile units that are on call 24-7. If, for example, you live in Kent, there is an emergency drain cleaning company in Sittingbourne who can unblock the drains quickly and efficiently, and with no call out charge, it won’t break the bank.
  2. The Locksmith – You might lock yourself out of the home or car, and rather than trying to force entry, the best solution is to call in an experienced local locksmith, who can access without causing any damage. If you are out in your car and are stranded, the same locksmith would be able to come to you and within minutes, you can be on your way. He will even cut you a spare key, to avoid the lock out happening again.
  3. Local Electrician – This is a must, as electricity is not something an unqualified person should be working with, and if you are unaware of the location of an electrician, a simple online search would point you in the right direction. There are emergency numbers you can call, which is always handy to know, and by using someone local, it won’t be long before someone arrives.
  4. Roof Repairs Contractor – If for any reason, your roof needs repairing, there are specialised contractors who can take a look and suggest the best way to remedy the problem. It might be a few broken or missing roof tiles, or only blocked guttering, and the roofer would also give the roof a thorough visual inspection.
  5. Heating & A/C Servicing – If your home is equipped with a modern HVAC system, it will need regular maintenance, and ideally, you would ask the company who installed the system to service at regular intervals. Whatever heating system you have, it will only run efficiently if it has regular servicing. If something goes wrong at any time, you should have the number of an emergency servicing company, who would send a technician to repair the fault.

The well-prepared homeowner would have all of the above numbers somewhere nearby, and by using local services, you are also contributing to the local economy. You can likely source all 5 services with half an hour of online searching, and then it is just a question of storing the numbers and hoping you never need to call.

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