4 Ways Owning A Commercial Washer Helps The Environment


Running a commercial laundry business–or any business for that matter–comes with its inevitable responsibilities. One of which is taking care of the environment.

Aside from controlling cost and providing high-quality service, laundry businesses have an obligation to meet certain environmental regulations. Hotel owners have just recently adopted environmentally friendly approaches to running their establishments. Their initiatives include simple campaigns such as placing signs in bathrooms to encourage guests to save on laundry costs by conserving water and reusing complimentary towels and bathrobes. However, this approach can be off-putting to some guests, especially those accustomed to old hotel practices

To remain environmentally friendly, hotels are moving towards high-tech commercial washers and dryers. Unlike the washers of old that wasted water and electricity, today’s laundry equipment are designed for precision and efficiency while remaining eco-friendly.

If you’re looking to upgrade to a better laundry setup, here are 4 reasons to consider getting a new commercial washer:

  1. It Recycles Water

The latest commercial washers are equipped with a green technology called the greywater recycling system that stores leftover rinse water to use in your next cycle. Using this technology, you can significantly cut your water usage and conserve environmental resources.

  1. It Has High-speed Water Extractors

New machines like the E-Series commercial front-load washer from Continental Girbau comes with high-speed extractors that remove more water per load, which reduces dry time, operation time, utility consumption, and labor expense. By reducing all of these, you can avoid damaging heat exposure, prevent mechanical wear-and-tear, and lessen dryer gas usage.

Over the long run, the right machines help you keep your carbon footprint and environmental impact to a minimum.

  1.   It’s Equipped With Polymer Bead Laundry System

Modern commercial washers use polymer beads to soak up soil and stray dyes–like a sponge. Instead of using old laundry machines that rely heavily on hot, soapy water to clean fabric, invest in new equipment.

The polymer bead laundry system allows you to cut your water usage by 80% and your energy savings significantly. How’s that for conservation!

  1.     It’s Highly Flexible With Superior Programmability

The new commercial washers at http://cgilaundry.com are equipped with all sorts of features from advanced programmability to eco-friendly systems that adjust to your specific laundry needs. One of the top machines, the G-Flex Washer-Extractors’ Logi Pro, delivers up to six programmable water levels along with variable wash actions, programmable extract speeds, programmable compartment flush, controllable temperature, and time chemical dosing. On top of that, the G-Flex Washer-Extractor is equipped with a system that mixes hot and cold water to achieve precise bath temperatures, which minimizes hot water consumption.

These features can save you a lot in water, chemicals (detergents, soaps, etc.), and energy consumption over the long run. Not only will you be able to save money, you’ll be helping the environment as well.

There is so much evidence on the environmental benefits of commercial washers. The good thing is that people are now more informed and more aware of how poor business practices, especially in the hospitality industry, create a lot of damage to the environment. As a responsible business owner or employee, your job is to make sure things run as efficiently as possible, creating little waste and minimizing environmental impact.

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