Professional Rendering for Clay, Sand, and Cement


For the best look for your home, a quality rendering service is required for clay, sand, cement, or pebbledash materials, all of which can be rendered in a handful of different styles.

  • Fine
  • Coarse
  • Textured
  • Smooth
  • Coloured

Once the material has been applied, your walls can typically be textured or painted afterward. What is most important, however, is that the initial installation is professional and completed to a high standard.

Professional Rendering Services

Rendering is a technique that requires experience as well as skill, which is why for both interior and exterior rendering, you need to find experienced rendering services in Walsall. After all, the appearance of your home is at stake so it’s important to find the most qualified professionals for the job.

Professional rendering services use high-quality materials and a range of knowledge to guarantee not only a successful job but one that is built to last. These services are available for minor repairs and refurbishments or entire walls and it all begins with a free quote from your rendering company.

Mosaic Rendering

Taking it even further, you can request a mosaic rendering service for a more decorative addition to the home and this can be applied to both interior and exterior locations.

Mosaic rendering allows you to put a more visually impressive look on your walls, allowing you to choose from a large selection of colour and glitter options. The waterproof materials make them excellent choices for kitchens or bathrooms.


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