Reasons to Make the Switch to uPVC


Un-plasticised polyvinyl chloride, or uPVC, is a versatile material used in an enormous variety of building applications from piping to doors and windows. One exceptionally reliable fact about using uPVC in the construction of windows and doors is that it is durable and long-lived. Modern technology is constantly making uPVC stronger and firmer than ever before and its cost-effective nature makes it the perfect choice for a family on a budget.

UPVC is extensively utilised due to the fact that it is not easily affected by dramatic climate changes, unlike other materials such as wood or iron. In addition, it lasts years longer without the need for repairs or complex maintenance, and you can keep your doors up to date without having to install something completely out of your budget.

Stronger Than Wood

Traditional wooden doors can be splintered into pieces with a few kicks, rough weather, and more. In addition, wood will swell and stick when humidity in the air becomes too high, while uPVC doors will not.This is also true of windows made from uPVC, meaning that you can completely eliminate the frustration of having to shove your door just to make it latch closed. Windows that swell and begin to catch may become stuck open at the worst time of the year, forcing you to try extreme methods to keep the cold out of your house. Finally, uPVC does not rot and is impervious to termites, meaning that you can enjoy its increased strength and durability without any of the setbacks experienced with wood in the humid months of the year.

No Rust

UPVC windows and doors will not oxidise, or rust, when they come in contact with moisture during the year. No matter if it rains eight centimetres in a single afternoon, your new doors and windows will never rust or begin to look unpleasant to the eye. This material is completely rigid and weatherproof under even the harshest of conditions. The fact that it will not warp or change in any way is one of the biggest reasons people have begun making the switch this year.

Little to No Maintenance

Aside from the occasional cleaning with mild soap and water, you will never have to do any serious maintenance on your uPVC windows and doors. The time and money you save on maintenance should make it possible for you to put your hard-earned cash toward other aspects of your home. After you upgrade to uPVC, you will enjoy lower maintenance and a longer lifespan that will save you hundreds in the long run.

Noise Insulation

This material is excellent when you want to cut down on noise pollution from outside of the house. The street noise outside your home can seem deafening when you want to sit down with a warm cup of tea for some relaxation. With uPVC, you can effectively cut out the sound of vehicles, animals, and pedestrians by up to 60% and enjoy a calmer and quieter atmosphere inside your home. No matter what makes you choose uPVC for your doors, you will be glad you made the switch.

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