Thai Success in Producing Aluminium Components


Aluminium is used in many industries due to its strength and light weight. It can be used in the construction of high rise buildings, houses, or commercial storefronts and it is used in both the automotive and motorcycle industries. Aluminium parts are manufactured in many places around the world, with one of the most successful places for parts manufacturing being the country of Thailand.

Rise of the Automotive Industry

Thanks to its ability to economically manufacture aluminium and other types of parts, Thailand has the 12th largest auto industry in the world and the largest in Southeast Asia. Over two million passenger cars and pickup trucks are made in the country each year, which is a larger output than many other countries, including Belgium, Italy, the United Kingdom, Turkey, and the Czech Republic. Along with cars, Thailand exports a significant number of automotive components, many of which are made from aluminium.

Automotive Components

There are more than 2,400 automotive component suppliers in the country and they are responsible for exporting approximately $12.9 billion worth of components on a yearly basis.  The future looks bright if you’re an aluminium parts manufacturer in Thailand, especially if you produce parts for the auto industry. However, auto parts manufacturers like Tostem also make aluminium parts for other industries as well.

Building Components

While Thai companies produce a significant number of building components, many of them stay within the country to be used in the construction of commercial and residential buildings in modern cities like Bangkok. With a significant number of resort developments along the beaches in places like Hua Hin, there is also a demand for residential building components. Aluminium is used for doorways and window frames for high rise buildings, storefronts, and for modern homes.

Non-structural building components, otherwise known as curtain walls, are not only used in houses, but many high and low-rises in Thailand and throughout Southeast Asia. They are made from aluminium components manufactured in Thailand by companies like Tostem.  Along with being used within the country, many manufacturers export their products throughout the region to be used in housing and commercial developments.

Customised Parts

Manufacturers can provide customised parts for customers using aluminium extrusion methods to create whatever they wish. Many manufacturers create aluminium parts to be used in electronics, like computer components. It’s also used for roof racks on vehicles and cargo racks on motorcycles. They can produce aluminium pipes to be used in many industries, including the automotive industry. Extrusion involves forcing the metal, in this case aluminium, to flow through a die to produce the component the customer wants for his or her business or project.

With the success of the automotive industry and the continued rise of housing and commercial developments in Thailand, there is a continuous need for aluminium parts in the country. With the help of aluminium extrusion methods, many manufacturers can easily supply the demand for automotive and building components. The country is able to supply its own needs instead of depending on imports from other Southeast Asian countries.


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