Three tips that can help you relocate and transport household stuff without stress


After signing contract or rent agreement for your new property, the next thing to worry about is packing and moving the stuff without causing any damage. Packers and movers do offer to take care of most of the process, however, that does not mean you are left with no responsibilities to take care of. Here are tips that can help you move stuff without any problems.

Give sufficient time

Remember, packing requires sufficient time and if done in a hurry, you might end up with a lot of unpacked stuff even after the arrival of movers.

Large appliances like the refrigerator and the AC have their own set of handling instructions when it comes to transporting the same. The refrigerator needs to be shut down at least 48 hours before moving the same. Similarly, uninstalling AC, TV set, Dish, utensils washing machine, overhead water heater, solar heater, etc. should also be done well in advance. Lighting fixtures and other electric stuff may also need a specialist to uninstall.

Thus, keep at least eight weeks time for packing if you wish to complete the procedure smoothly and without any stress.

Arrange boxes and other materials

Creating a checklist for items that need special packing can prove to be a great step. Make a list of items and the number of boxes required for each item. Ask your packing and moving company if they have the boxes in size and shape that you require. Else, buy them from the market along with tapes, bubble wraps, and color code stickers to be used for boxes with stuff from different rooms.

If your new house is several miles away, you should consider opting for sturdy boxes instead of recycled ones. Boxes should be large but not too unwieldy to carry.

Special packing needs

Remember, besides electronic items, even furniture pieces, art work, antiques, family phone frames, glass crockery, plates, and chandeliers require a special care while transporting. Don’t worry about the charges; let the moving company assist you with special boxes for transporting these items. All that you need to do is make sure that you mention them in the list of items while getting quotes and also talk about special packing needs for the same.

No doubt that you would only select the packing and moving company after getting a recommendation and checking reviews about them online. But, to be on the safer side, at least one family member needs to be present while the workers keep all the belongings in the truck while loading. After loading the stuff, let someone from your friends or family travel with the vehicle in order to make sure that it reaches the planned destination safely and on time. Going with long distance movers nyc with a good reputation can prove to be the best decision. Get multiple quotes and go with service providers who have insurance for their business to compensate for damages.

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