How to Repair Common Aluminum Door Problems


There are many common issues that can occur on aluminium doors, and some are easy to repair yourself, without having to call an engineer.


Scratches happen on aluminum doors easily, and more often than most would like, but there are ways in which you can repair these just as quickly. There are many products that are readily available for any type of scratch damage.

Polishes and sandpaper can even out minor scratches, and there are various fillers you can purchase for times when the damage is a little more sustained. These products can be bought from hardware and home and garden supply stores, and the staff there will be able to help with any advice you may need.

For more simple fixes, polish and other repair items can even be found when you do the weekly supermarket shop!

If the door is powder coated, then this too may also need to be touched up. Again, these products can be found online and in any good household shop.


Similarly to scratches, easy to come by ways and means of repairing your aluminum doors after they are dented are readily available.

Use a resin filler mixed with water to apply in layers to the area that has been damaged. If you simply coat on the filler it won’t last as long. Sand down the area to even it out, and it will be ready for painting.


If you are looking to repaint your aluminum door, this can also be an easy do-it-yourself task, as long as you prepare well. Firstly, you will need to examine the extent of any wear and tear, and make sure you can fix these issues. Once that is done, the colour is also an important consideration.

If you are looking to repaint in the same colour, or to only repaint a small part of your repaired aluminum door, then you will need to know the RAL colour that is on the door already.

If you are painting over a bold colour you may need to get rid of as much of that paint first by sanding it down.

Primer is very important to make sure the paint withstands the elements and age. Powder coated doors will need a minor sanding down before the primer goes on to ensure that the paint adheres to the powder.

Hinge Adjustment

It can be easy for aluminum doors to drop out of their frame or for the hinges to need adjustments. It’s simple to repair these yourself, as long as you use the correct tools.

Firstly, the existing hinges on the door need to be tight. Check this first with a screwdriver and/or allen key. However, if this doesn’t work you can toe and heel the door.

The toe and heel method is used when glass is initially installed in a door, and it may be that the door needs to be packed out some more in order to repair the misalignment.

Toe and heel involves using plastic packers and silicone to support the weight of the glass that is inside the door. It may be that the weight over time was not supported enough and extra packers will help with this.

If you still struggle with you aluminum door repairs, it may be time to find a good engineer.

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