How to choose the best steam mop


Most people spend at least 1-2 hours a day cleaning their houses. If you think about it, you have spent a great deal of your lifetime, maintaining your floors and carpets. It’s not even useless because a clean carpet is crucial for healthy life. Who wants to breathe dust anyway? So, carpet cleaning is not something you can be ignorant about.

It’s hard keeping your carpets dust free, considering that you walk on them all the time. However, your carpet cleaners help you do the job pretty flawlessly. They have chemicals that clean the stubborn stains and your carpets last longer! People have been using them for a decade and take the business seriously while choosing a cleaner. But how about not using chemicals at all and still getting a clean, dust free carpet? By using a steam mop!

Can steam mops be used as carpet cleaners?

One word answer to this question is YES! It’s pretty astonishing and you might be shaking your head in disbelief right now, but steam mops can be used as carpet cleaners. In fact, they make better carpet cleaners!

How are steam mops superior?

The question should be that how are they not? They are, in every aspect, better than carpet cleaners.

  • They don’t use chemicals at all! Chemicals might seem like your saviors but they harm your carpet more than they benefit. They take out the nasty stains, sure, but what about the damage they do the carpet material? Steam mops use distilled water only and have no harmful impact on carpet material. They do the cleaning without collateral damage and that’s the best thing any carpet cleaner can do!
  • They kill bacteria. Now that’s what ensures a healthy life. Steam mops generate steam at a temperature of 100 degrees or above so, they not only take out stains or small particles but also kill bacteria trapped in your carpets. Now, you can live disease free with your carpet lasting decades!
  • They are easy to move around. Carpet cleaners are usually bulky and hard to move around but steam mops solve this problem. Their light weight and easy usability make them best for the job and you can clean the nooks and corners of your carpet.
  • They kill two birds with one stone! Not that steam mops should be used to kill birds but they can do two jobs for you in one go. You don’t have to switch between carpet cleaner and steam mop while cleaning the floor and carpeted area. The steam mops can clean your floor too!

This pops up a question of a best steam mop- Bissell vs. Shark! Both are pretty amazing and user friendly but in a contest between Bissell and Shark, Shark wins! While Bissell has a sturdy buildup and built in water filter, Shark comes with added functionality. It has a carpet glider attached, that can be used for cleaning carpets!


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