How Often Should a Driveway Need to be replaced


Well, the easy answer is that it would depend on how much you happen to use it, right? But, there is no conclusive number of years you should wait before you should change a driveway, because it will mostly rely on the materials that were used to build it and the condition which the driveway is in. If there happens to be no damage and the driveway is still in good working order, then having to carry out a full replacement is something that you may never have to worry about.

Materials and Personal Preferences

Asphalt and concrete driveways are known by many to be among the most durable, although sand and dirt varieties can also often last for years without problems as well. In a number of cases there is no real need to completely replace a driveway as some cracks can be easily filled. For reasons such as this, you can see why there is no general time line or limit for a driveway replacement because it is not an everyday occurrence and rarely needs to be done.

But saying that, there are some instances where you might need to fully replace a driveway, such as when a large area has somehow been damaged. You may even have decided to move the driveway to another location by removing it and then having a new one laid. Or, as is often the case, you may have chosen to replace a driveway with a different kind of material to enhance the look of your home or surrounding landscape. Of course, these are all personal preferences, just make sure to use top quality, experienced and professional paving suppliers in Newcastle to get the job done just perfect.

Repairs and Poor Construction

If you have somehow ended up with a sub-standard driveway, you may have to make regular repairs, and although this is a far cry from fully replacing it, it is something that most people simply don’t wish for. Concrete and asphalt may eventually get cracks and stains which will need to be repaired. A professional can be contacted to do this, or you can try doing it by yourself using a concrete mixture to patch up the area. Just remember that if it gets done incorrectly, the greater the chances of the cracks returning pretty quickly.

A driveway might need to be replaced if it was very poorly constructed in the first place. You will see evident signs that this is the case if the driveway cracks frequently within the first couple of years, in spite of frequent repairs. Should you find this to be the case, you may have to take off the existing materials and have an entirely new driveway established. This is somewhat unlikely to occur, as most driveways can be repaired adequately enough for proper working order without a full replacement, but it can never be fully ruled out. Just make 100% certain that your new driveway is of the finest quality and workmanship.

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