Give Your Kitchen A Stunning Makeover By Using The Right Wood For Kitchen Cabinets


Do you think that cabinets are merely made for storage? Well, then you are wrong. Cabinets are definitely made for storing things, but they also play a vital role in making your kitchen look stylish. Therefore, if you are going to design your new kitchen or remodel an older one, then make sure you choose your kitchen cabinets wisely by checking their capacity and their appearance, of course.

When it comes to choosing kitchen cabinets, be very choosy about selecting the material because the strength and longevity of the cabinet will totally depend on the material. One of the most common materials for cabinets is ‘hardwood’. Wondering why? Obviously, because it is an elegant choice for kitchen cabinetry, and it will always remain in style forever. There are many beautiful choices for hardwood cabinets; you’ll literally be spoilt for choice! Therefore, before you visit a store to buy solid hardwood cabinets, make sure you know the various types of hardwoods that are used for making cabinets. The knowledge about these hardwoods will help you choose the material easily. So, here you go.

Types of hardwoods used for making kitchen cabinets

Oaks cabinets are hardy and affordable

If you want a wood that is hardy and quite affordable, then choose Oak. Oak is a type of hardwood which is not just well-known for its strength, but also because of its abundance in the US. And since it easily available in the US, it makes this material comparatively affordable than other hardwoods. Most of the people purchase oak cabinets because it is damage resistant, and its longevity is brilliant. The grain on oak wood can be fairly patterned making it look perfect for a traditional or rustic cabinet.

Maple cabinets are a popular choice

Maple is extremely popular for its character and versatility ranging from country kitchens to the modern ones. This wood ranges from creamy white color to pale reddish brown. Maple wood has a subtle grain pattern and smooth uniform appearance. If there are any existing streaks on the wood, then it will darken when stained. These curling waves and fine lines are considered to be very attractive. And this kind of appearance will instantly increase the value of the wood. Maple wood may also include tiny “bird’s eye” dots, and even mineral streaks.

Cherry cabinets can raise the elegance of the kitchen

If there is one hardwood, that is elegant and modern, it has to be Cherry hardwood. This hardwood ranges from tan blonde to deep brown color. Cherry wood darkens naturally as it ages, blending hues from golden yellow to deep red. This makes this wood really special. This type of hardwood adds elegance to any décor be it the kitchen or any other room’s furniture.

Hickory cabinets will give a bold look to your kitchen

Hickory hardwood has a naturally contrasting appearance, which is due to the heartwood and the sapwood. The color of hickory hardwood may range from reddish-brown and dark brown, to simple blonde or white. You can even have different flows and shades in a single piece of hickory wood. If you are a fashion forward homeowner who wants to feature their kitchen cabinets, this hardwood would be a really good choice.

These were some of the most common hardwoods that you can choose from, and accordingly ask your interior designer to design the kitchen cabinets. If you are lucky enough, you’ll even find ready-made wooden cabinets that are made of your favorite wood. There are many other hardwoods as well, which you can choose to make your kitchen cabinetry, such as Alder and walnut cabinets. However, the above-mentioned ones are easily available in the market. So, pick a wood that you like, and make your kitchen look amazing.

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