Five Things your ExpressRooter Plumbing team wishes You would not do today


There are things your ExpressRooter Plumbing team would wish you wouldn’t do to your plumbing system. While, sure, that emergency call would mean they earn money because you need their services, plumbers also feel in pain whenever their clients fail to take better care of their home’s plumbing system.

1. Reaching for Drano and other chemical drain uncloggers. These chemical products have strong marketing. The marketing is so expensive that almost every household has this in their cabinet. However, unclogging your drain using harsh chemical products can do more harm done good. The ExpressRooter Plumbing team goes through so many households in need of plumbing repair because their pipes are worn out. Most of the wearing out is caused by these harsh household products.

2. Treating the toilet as a garbage can. While diapers are sometimes labeled as “flushable”, it’s never a good idea to flush any fibrous material down the toilet. Cotton balls, cotton swabs, and even tissue paper can get stuck in the piping, absorb water, and cause blockage. Resist the urge to throw your garbage down the toilet. It’s always easier to use the other can for that purpose.

3. Pouring grease down the drain. It doesn’t matter if you pour the grease from you pan down the drain connecting to the main sewer line. Grease sticks around for years and accumulated grease is one of the primary reasons why the ExpressRooter Plumbing team is called for emergency plumbing situations. If the drain you used is far from the main sewer line, the problem escalates. This means that the pipes affected are narrower, and most of the grease has probably affected the pipes around the house. Whenever you are about to wash anything greasy, wipe the surface off with a tissue paper. Dispose the tissue paper by throwing it into a trash can instead of flushing it down the toilet.

4. Using plug-in toilet fresheners. While freshening up you toilet this way might be convenient, these plug in toilet fresheners are usually made with the same harsh elements that are in chemical uncloggers. They spell trouble for your toilets and could wear out those expensive bathroom fixtures. For a safer way to freshen up your toilet, look into how to make homemade baking soda freshening bombs. They’re usually made from mild detergents, baking soda and some lemon. They’re safe for you toilet and much cheaper too. They can minimize your need for the ExpressRooter Plumbing team.

5. Messing with the valves of water heaters. Some homeowners like doing things themselves. Unwittingly, however, they set themselves up for bigger expenses because of these DIY projects. One project any homeowner should dodge is water heater installation, especially if it involves valve and water pressure adjustment. Some homeowners have to call the ExpressRooter Plumbing team because they messed around with the valve of their water heater. This can cost a lot of damage to their pipes. Aside from that, any family member could suffer from scalding when the pipe leaks or bursts and out comes piping hot water.

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