Effective Ways To Rid Of Silverfish


Of all insects causing skin problems and health issues, silverfish is one of the most dangerous ones that hide behind wall cracks and live in moist environments. Although they result in health concerns, you can get rid of them easily. If you have silverfish in your home and are looking for solutions to get rid of them, silverfish control services are the best. This article highlights the most effective ways to get rid of these nasty silverfish. Let’s explore! 

What Are Silverfish? 

Silverfish are small nasty insects that are named after their gray and silver color and fish-like movements. It is a wingless creature that destroys your household stuff, carries bacteria and spreads infection. These are generally spotted in humid and dark places like basements, bathrooms, kitchens, and other places. 

Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Silverfish 

1. Add essential oils 

Essential oils like lavender, peppermint, and others carry a strong smell, which is believed to eliminate the existence of silverfish from your home. Mix a teaspoon of any essential oil with water, and spray in all corners to protect your home from silverfish. 

2. Reduce humidity 

Generally, silverfish are found in humid and moist environments as they become their breeding ground. To control their existence, keep the space clean and dry. You can also use a good quality dehumidifier to control humidity.

3. Use cloves and cinnamon 

Cloves and cinnamon are another excellent silverfish repellent in your home, as they contain a strong aroma because of the presence of eugenol. All you need to do is place some cloves or cinnamon powder in a bowl and place it inside your cupboard. Within a day or two, you will see results. 

4. Put stick tapes 

Another excellent way to get rid of silverfish is by putting sticky tapes all around your home or office. Since it becomes nearly impossible to crawl through these taps, the silverfish insect gets struck, making it easier to get rid of them. 

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional To Get Rid Of Silverfish

  1. They spot and eliminate silverfish insects quickly. 
  2. They are expert professionals and give guaranteed results. 
  3. They use highly advanced tools and technology 
  4. They are time and cost-efficient. 

Wrapping Up 

Silverfish are found in a moist environment that carries bacteria, causing health problems. By hiring silverfish control services, you can get rid of them easily. 

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