5 Signs You Should Call for Professional Plumbing Services


There are many factors you depend on to make sure you have a functional home. This includes working electricity, water services, and more. Your home’s plumbing is another factor that is often overlooked but is key to the functionality of your home. Your plumbing carries waste water away and helps to bring you clean, sustainable water in return. While you may not consider it often, chances are you use your plumbing every day, many times a day.

Most plumbing systems rarely require repairs as long as they are used properly and maintained regularly. However, when something goes wrong, you’ll need to seek repair services. Here are five signs you should call for professional services from Chatham plumbers.

Wet Spots

Notice wet spots on your walls and floors? If nothing has been spilled, it may be caused by a leak in your home. Wet spots around your home can be attributed to a number of other issues, but plumbing leaks are the most common.


Speaking of leaks, visible leaks are also a sign you should contact plumbing services. Not only will you be wasting water but your home can suffer damages from leaks and water where it does not belong in your home.

Musty Smells

Musty smells around your home usually indicate that there may be water hidden somewhere in your home. Standing water can grow mould and fungus, so it’s important to stay on top of plumbing repairs.

High Water Bills

You should always keep track of your water bills. If they seem to be increasing without any other probable cause, plumbing professionals will be able to assess your system and identify the issue with ease.

Clogging and Backups

Last but not least, frequent sink, toilet, or shower clogs and backups are a good reason to call for plumbing services. There may be build up in your pipes and system that could be causing the issue.


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