Why Are Fanimation Fans So Popular Among Custom Home Builders?


Is anyone wondering why I’m discussing fans when we have installed centralized air conditioners in our homes? Please make a note, we are not just discussing any fans; we are talking about the astounding qualities of Fanimation Fans!

You will be surprised to know, Fanimation ceiling fans placed strategically high on the ceiling, sets your thermostat 4-5 degrees higher, saving you every bit of energy possible. Yet, it makes you enjoy a soothing, comfortable temperature. The aesthetics it brings about in the room décor is an added attraction.

History of Fanimation Fans

Casablanca Fan Company had gained tremendous popularity in manufacturing belt driven Bourborn street fans. Their company produced fans like the Puhkah and Palmetto that were once the pride of their owners. Tom Frampton, working as a department head in Casablanca, left the organization in 1984 and founded Fanimation Fans in his garage. Tom’s unique innovative ideas helped Fanimation fans charter a long way along the industry ladder. Tom Frampton was successful in placing the company as the industry leader. The three designs Tom started with, had become a benchmark in the industry and you will find Fan manufacturers vouch by the design till date.

Exclusive Fanimation Designs

The aesthetic designs in blades, lighting, finishing, and accessory options have boosted the sale of Fanimation Fans. People who customize their home décor according to their refined taste and preference are spoilt for choice with these fans. Their signature words, “fit, form, and function,” describe them the right way.

Traditionally decorated homes are more hooked on to antique brass finish “Americana” and four bladed aesthetically decorated “Islander” fans. Single-blade fans “Enigma” have gained immense popularity in modern day interiors. Cute and portable free standing fans are ideal for children’s small rooms. With its vast variety of designs, Fanimation has something for everyone.

How Fanimation Designs Add to the Room Décor

Tom Frampton started off with the “Big Island Ceiling Fan” having a sleek design and slender blades. It is popular among tropical cool climate since the long lanky blades help speed up the movement of inside air. Having an air-conditioner does give one relief from the appalling heat outside. However, a well-placed ceiling fan can lower the temperature and come in use throughout the year, let alone sweltering summer. The traditional looking “Big Island Ceiling Fan,” adds a new dimension to the room. It is ideal for a spacious room.

Fanimation’s 56 inch “Palma” ceiling fans come with three blades. They are little short in height and have a light fitted at the bottom of the disk. They facilitate free flow of air and at the same time, lighten up the room. Having the light suspended from the disc or placing it at the bottom of the disk is the innovative design incorporated first by Fanimation Fans.

Since 22- years of their inception, Fanimation fans have been enhancing the elegance of the interior room décor. It has become more of a status symbol to install these stylish fans in customized home décor. Presence of artistic fans adds to the grace of the interior. No one can doubt their functionality either; some models even come with a lifetime warranty.

Fanimation fans are a deadly combination of style, function, and longevity. Get one for your home and cherish the magic for a lifetime!

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