Which Material Is Best for Garage Doors


Your garage door serves a couple of functions. For one, it obviously opens and closes to give you access to your garage. However, it also serves an aesthetic purpose as the largest part of whichever wall it’s in. Also, the door needs to insulate your garage, at least somewhat. That insulation task becomes even more important in places that have very warm or very cold weather. For example, Cambridge experiences less rainfall than surrounding areas but it also has higher temperatures. Due to its low-lying location, Cambridge is warmer than other cities in the UK. In fact, it even sometimes can be considered semi-arid. So, if you live in Cambridge, you need a garage door that can insulate your home during the summer.


Cambridge is one of the warmest and driest parts of the UK, which means that summer temperatures can rise with no rain to cool them down. So, garage doors in Cambridge have to deal with that fact. They’ll need to insulate your home. When a garage door doesn’t insulate your home, the outside air will warm up your garage. If your garage is attached to your home, that will then warm up the rooms adjacent to the garage. You’ll have to run your air conditioner for longer each day to keep your house cool. That will cost you a considerable amount of money. Easi-Lift sells many garage doors that could be great for your area.


In addition to insulation, the lack of rain means that Cambridge is a fairly low-humidity area. That lack of humidity can dry out your house and cause sinus issues. A great garage door with insulated rollers and a tight seal will make it easier to humidify your house. Your garage door also needs to withstand this lack of humidity. When the air is dry, many materials tend to contract somewhat. Timber is notorious for this. When the humidity is high, materials swell. While the difference might seem very miniscule, that change can cause the garage door to warp somewhat over the years.

When you’re choosing a material, make sure that you work with professional garage door specialists to determine what is right for your area. Easi-Lift would be happy to work with you.

Which Material?

For all of the reasons stated above, choosing a material for a garage door is not simple. You have a lot of different options. Many of them have pros and cons. It’s most important that you buy from a company that has a reputation for producing quality garage doors. These doors need to be made of materials that will resist the high heat and low humidity of your area. Don’t forget to ask about sun damage when you talk with a professional.

The sun can damage different materials. In a best-case scenario, it will simply bleach the colour from the material. In other cases, the sun can cause materials to dry out and crack. That damage can be irreversible if you allow it to set in without addressing it early.

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