This Is Why You Need a Skip Hire for Your Next Big Project


When you decide to take on a major home improvement project, whether it’s renovating or remodelling a home or just getting a good spring cleaning done, chances are that you’re going to generate a lot more waste than you would like to have to dispose of yourself. One thing about waste and rubbish that you probably already know is that no one likes to have to handle it twice, or even more times, and to do so constitutes a waste of time and effort. You may think that it’s economical to try to dispose of excessive waste yourself, reasoning that you would rather spend your money on something more enjoyable than a waste disposal service, but you may want to rethink that logic. If you dispose of a large amount of waste in the usual manner, by loading one truck or trailer at a time before making multiple trips to a Hampshire landfill, you will be handling your waste at least twice, and there are more costs involved than you may think.

Skip Hire—A Better Way

Skips offer a convenient, space- and time-saving alternative to collecting and storing waste on your property, as well as an efficient alternative to making multiple trips to and from the local landfill. Many home improvement or construction projects and mass clean-up projects can generate enough waste to justify a daily trip to the landfill, and unless you want to pile up the daily waste on your work site or property drive, you’ll want a convenient option for storing accumulated waste until you’ve finished your project. For a more than reasonable fee, you can arrange for a skip hire in Fareham, and a large rubbish storage container will be delivered to your site, dropped off wherever you specify, and left for your use until you call to have it removed, waste and all.

Available Skip Sizes

Skips are available in a number of different sizes, the smaller two being either 2m3 or 3m3, whilst the larger skips are offered in 2yd3 increments from 6yd3 on up to 12yd3, with the largest skip at 16yd3. To determine which size is right for your project, try to visualise and estimate how many piles of waste you would end up with if you were making smaller piles at a 1m height or larger piles at a 3ft height. If you estimate 2-3 1m piles, then one of the smallest skips would be appropriate. For larger amounts of waste, the number of 3ft piles you have is a good estimate of the number of cubic yards (yd3) you will end up with. When you use a skip hire, you are virtually guaranteed to save both time and money when you have to dispose of a large amount of waste.

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