How to Boost Your TV Reception Signal


Whether you are sitting down with your family or friends to enjoy the latest movie or to begin a marathon session of your favourite TV series, the last thing you want is to have poor quality TV reception. Don’t worry, you have options, there are several ways to boost your reception and enjoy that well deserved rest in front of the TV. Here are some tips on how to improve the quality of your signal.

  • Contact a professional antenna installation companyIf you are having TV reception problems in Cairns or any other city in Australia, don’t waste your time and contact a specialist. Professional antenna installation companies offer a wide range of services including upgrades and antenna repairs, re-cabling and system fault analysis. If required, they can also get rid of your old unit and replace it with an up to date antenna for a very affordable price. Specialist installation businesses know how to install the correct type of antennas, they have expert knowledge of the industry and can immediately resolve any issue you encounter with your signal quality.

  • Redirect the antenna – A skilled installation company knows how to improve the quality of your TV reception, they have the right type of equipment to reach your outdoor antenna and find out if it is positioned in the correct way to receive the strongest signal possible. An outdoor antenna must be directed towards the nearest TV transmitter to ensure your home avails of the best signal, if it is not correctly installed it will pick up a weak signal, resulting in poor picture and sound quality.

  • The installation site of your outdoor antenna is vital – An experienced antenna installation company knows that the location of your outdoor antenna is crucial if you want to avail of high-quality signals. They know it is important to place the antenna in an area which is free from any obstructions such as dense forestry or tall man-made structures. The higher the antenna is mounted the better quality of signal you’ll receive, so ensure your outdoor antenna is positioned at the summit of your property.

  • Ask the experts about multiple installations – There is nothing to stop you from installing more than one outdoor antenna on your home, the only thing you need to be careful of is their proximity to one another. If they are positioned close together they may end up interfering with each other’s signal causing poor TV reception.

  • Safely secure your outdoor antenna – If you notice that your external antenna may have come loose or looks to be a bit unstable, contact your local TV antenna specialists. They have the right equipment to safely reach your antenna and stabilise the unit to ensure you receive a greater quality signal. Don’t take unnecessary risks, hire a professional antenna company.

If you have any issues with your TV reception it is advisable to contact an antenna installation team, there experience will improve the quality of your signal so you won’t have to worry about poor picture and sound quality anymore.

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