How Automatic Doors Help Improve Accessibility and Safety For All


If you’re running a business, you’ll know that providing easy access for everyone is essential. This is especially true for those who have a disability or use a wheelchair.

Automatic doors help you fulfill this requirement. They also offer many other benefits. They are easy to operate and cost-effective.

They Are Easy to Operate

Automatic doors don’t require any manual effort, making them perfect for senior citizens or people with disabilities. They also make it easy for people who carry heavy bags or children in tow to get into and out of buildings.

Hospitals, shopping malls, and other large buildings are commonly equipped with these doors. They open automatically when people pass through them and close again after a predetermined time, saving energy.

Hotels and gastronomy are other critical applications for automatic door systems, allowing customers to enter the establishments quickly. This helps the hospitality staff to ensure smooth service and maintain hygiene levels on their premises.

They Are Cost-Effective

Automatic doors like Dorma Doors New York make life much easier for anyone with trouble using traditional doors. These include wheelchair users, older people, those with limited mobility, and those with young children or pushchairs.

They can also make life safer and more accessible in hospitals and laboratories. Because people do not need to touch the door handles, they can prevent germs from spreading between patients and medical staff.

Similarly, automated doors can help save energy by opening only when needed and closing immediately after pedestrians have passed through. This helps prevent heat loss and cool air from the air conditioner from escaping. It also reduces the risk of dust entering the building from open doors.

They Are Energy-Efficient

Automatic doors are the way to go when ensuring your business is energy-efficient. They only open when someone approaches them and stay closed the rest of the time, preventing heat from escaping or cool air from being pushed out.

they’veThey’ve been shown to cut heating and cooling costs by up to 30%!

They also help prevent the spread of germs by eliminating the need to touch surfaces. This is especially useful for hygiene control in labs and food preparation spaces.

They can also help improve accessibility for people with disabilities or limited mobility. These doors allow wheelchair users and those with children to easily access the premises without struggling with the door handles.

They Are Durable

Automatic doors are an essential component of modern facilities. They offer enhanced accessibility and safety, ensuring clients, guests, and employees can enter and exit without injury.

They also help maintain climate zones within a space and moderate traffic. These benefits help reduce costs and increase efficiency for facility managers.

However, despite their many advantages, automatic doors still need regular maintenance to ensure they function correctly and safely for years.

The design of the motive systems used to open automatic doors varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some are based on plastic parts that can be sacrificial, while others rely on steel gears or chain drive designs.

They Are Convenient

The convenience of automatic doors makes them popular for many types of buildings. They are used in supermarkets, shopping malls, airports, libraries, medical facilities, and laboratories.

They provide access for people with disabilities and help them to enter and leave a building quickly and safely. This can make a business more customer-friendly and encourage repeat customers.

They can be controlled by various sensors that sense movement, sound, light, and weight. Depending on the model, these sensors automatically trigger the door to open or close.

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