Choose Granite for Your Next Home Décor Project


Granite is known to be a widely used construction material mainly for kitchen countertops because it is both strong and attractive. Builders, kitchen designers and buyers can rely on granite because of its internal strength, and exterior durability. Buyers have a wide variety of colour choices when selecting granite, including the beautiful blue granite.

Granite has a wide variety of other uses from fireplace and column construction to patio decks. Granite is even replacing marble as the choice material for monuments due to its strength and durability.

Blue pearl granite, mined in Africa and Brazil near the coast, is a popular choice among buyers. Blue granite ranges in colour from all blue, to blends of blue, even brown. Used in home and business construction, blue granite is a beautiful choice. It adds charm and enlightenment to any old home, embracing it with a little luxury look.

Granite comes in a variety of finishes, from course tops to highly polished tops, depending on customer wants and intended use. Course finishes are usually used in patio decking, foundations and column construction. Whereas highly polished granites are used for fireplaces, countertops in kitchen installation and monuments.

Green granite is often a popular choice because of the wide variation of colours available. Norwegian green granite features aqua and blue shading, while Indian green granite is found in shades of rose and grey. However, blue granite is top choice among designers and builders because blue offers the ability to match almost any decor. Blue granite can be found in an extended variety of colours from lavenders to shades of ice blues, sapphires and royal blues.

When remodelling, it is important that you do not chose your granite without seeing an entire slab of granite. This will allow you to see more than just isolated pattern details often highlighted in small catalogue samples. Instead, visit a gallery or shop to see full slabs of granite. This will give you a better idea of what your finished countertop or trim piece will look like, and it may give you inspiration design your own countertop. Designs will all have their own unique blend of colours, so pick the pattern you desire.

Although highly durable, granite does require maintenance. Granite should be re-sealed, waxed and polished 1-2 times per year and regular applications of a waterproofing solution should be applied frequently. Granite, like rocks, are porous and have natural rock waterproofing, cleaning with pH-neutral cleansers and immediate clean-up of spills are necessary. By following the manufacturers recommendations for care, your granite will last for years without losing is aesthetic appeal.

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